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About Us

GayaWearableArt is a high quality collection of  silk scarves based on original artwork by Gaya.

Inspired through life travels, a chance encounter,  perhaps a stroll in the park or a safari ride, Gaya expresses herself through collage and colour to illustrate a mood, a memory,  an emotion, or an inspiration. 

Each art work has its own story that connects memories, emotions, and scents, transforming them into collages of shapes and colours, veiled under the layers of paints and inks.

Style Signature and Brief

The square and rectangle shape allows the scarf to be worn in a variety of styles. A unique and versatile accessory with non-repetitive design pattern and colour mix is easily combined with any look.


The scarves are all silk twill, finished by hand with finely rolled edges.

Sizes available are: 68cm x 68cm, 86cm x 86cm, 96cm x 96cm.

Produced in limited quantity.

Designed in UK with a recognizable signature printed onto each scarf. Each scarf comes wrapped in tissue paper with an add-on option of a luxury gift box.

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Edinburgh, UK

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